Jess’ Caricatures-Too many Choreographers in the Company

Let’s be honest….I waste sooo much time. Doing what you ask? Four words this time: ‘New Sketchbook. Blank Pages“. let’s have a peek shall we?

I am often inspired by the greats; Cezanne, Van Gogh, Seurat, my Dad, Bill Watterson and jim Davis (Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield cartoons) and was inspired recently by this one:  ‘Too Many Cooks’ print by Lucienne Day (one of Britain’s most distinguished textile designers. Well how-do-you do?)

I like the different shapes and personalities of these characters. So I thought back on my own life and I bring you;

Too Many Choreographers in the Company’ – a few of the more memorable choreographers and teachers I have worked with.

insulting the people who have given so much to me, one bad representation at a time

There are dance gurus from a variety of schools, programs, and companies I have had the misfortune pleasure to dance with. Some are more obvious than others- I actually messed up the one on the bottom left because I was crying with laughter trying to capture the shape of her feet. (The bunions should be a dead giveaway. Wow, how many teachers can you really say that about? ) I promise in this case, those bunions are drawn with love, for the person and for the enjoyment I felt capturing said icky phalanges. Time well spent.

Ps- Have fun trying to identify them, but please do not, if you leave a comment, list them by name or affiliation. I’m not trying to damage anyone’s reputation, just capture my own experiences. That being said, I loooove comments (here, NOT on facebook please!) , appreciate every click of the ‘like’ button, and am honored whenever anyone chooses to share a link via facebook. And subscribers are cool too. But it’s all up to you, how you waste your time. We all know how I waste mine! x0x0- jess

4 thoughts on “Jess’ Caricatures-Too many Choreographers in the Company

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