Red- the color of love, police lights, and other useless junk

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.

I forgot when I was listing Enjoyable Dance Films to mention:

The Red Shoes

It’s a Brittish Film written and directed byEmeric Pressburger (Is this not the greatest name?) and Michael Powell (borign name). It’s basically about a well-connected society gal who worms her way into a performing career and the struggle over her possession from the composer that falls in love with her and her manic creepy director. It addresses the classic question of ‘Can artists have an outside life’ (such as a relationship or other basic hobbies) and the ballet componenet is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale of a girl who gets some red shoes that make her dance and then she is incapable of removing the magical shoes and is danced to death.

One little reason why I like it is for the opening- where college-aged kids line up and pour into the theatre like some kind of Radiohead concert. Granted the film was made in 1948 but why is it not ‘the thing to do’ to go to the theatre anymore? My Mom tells me that this is what people used to do for dates. At the last musical I attended, I think I saw a ton of 50 plus year olds, a handful of kids or grandkids of said plus 50 year olds, and the only other 20ish year olds were the ushers and probably students at Webster University.

I also like that half of the movie is dance sequence. It’s entertainment enough for me.

I might also be biased because, hey, I like red shoes!

I HEART that! I also METATARSAL that?


A dancer who relies upon the doubtful comforts of human love will never be a great dancer. Never!!!!

If that’s the case, I’d better take the arch supports out of my shoes.

Interesting tidbit of info:

word review does not recognize: Sugar Buzz.

It does however acknowledge : Sugar Cure.

Make of that what you will, my sweethearts

3 thoughts on “Red- the color of love, police lights, and other useless junk

  1. So true- I really thought I wouldn’t get a ticket because it was honestly the most ridiculous situation. And I generally assume my glowing beauty puts me above common laws….where am I goign wrong? haha

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