Lines Ballet

I came across this and had to share…

‘Lines Ballet’ series by artist Caroline Wright

This series borrows its name from a piece by jazz pianist Jason Moran on his album “Ten”. Moran collaborated with the San Francisco based Alonzo King Lines Ballet (amazing company!)  in 2009, and while watching the dancers, he sought the underlying music in their movement. These pieces are about music, movement, and landscape in a single, layered image.

‘The Purple Blues’, acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on rice paper   

‘Hanging Garden, Sunken City’- acrylic and ink on rice paper’


‘Crepuscule with Nellie’- acrylic on rice paper

Personally, I don’t agree with the choice of chunky brushstrokes in some of these, or the meandering drips– just because it seems so unlike the dancers and the movement aesthetic of the company. Also, I wouldn’t have done pastels but that is probably because the piece that first comes to mind when I think of Lines Ballet is ‘the Moroccan Project’ and because the dancers, choice of music, etc is almost always so bold and always (to use the cliché) fierce, both in skill and beauty. But I still like them and I like the idea of art inspiring other mediums of art.

If I, as a dancer or choreographer, ever inspire a piece of artwork, I hope it comes out half this nice. I’d hang myself on my wall.

“Fierce concentration brings light to the mind, which brings clarity and the ability to see. To a degree it’s more important how you study, than what you study. Any applied concentration brightens minds. One of the wonderful benefits of art study is that you develop intuition. Intuition is that knowing which doesn’t rely on inference and doesn’t need validation. It just knows”- Alonzo King

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