Decisions (pt. 1) Should I Work For Free?

A lot has been weighing on my mind recently about work– and how lucky am I to have work as a writer, and potentially some possibilities for next season if I go back to dancing on top of teaching. These are opportunities I am blessed to have, but if I’m good at it, should I expect payment? And I mean tangible payment, not the-richeness-of-my-soul kind of thing.

I came across this via Lost Bird Found– but you can see the whole chart by Jessica Hische and take it yourself here.

I think the world of professional dance has its own set of rules. There are reasons why I would dance for free besides karma points but there are also times when, at least in my own history, it has NOT been worth the trouble. So here’s a little guideline/ chart I came up with for dancing for free. I call it:

To Dance for Free, or Not to Dance For Free- That is the Question


Just ask yourself, what would the tutu-clad Mr. Monopoly do? And then ignore everyone else’s advice (even mine) and do what is in your heart.

7 thoughts on “Decisions (pt. 1) Should I Work For Free?

  1. Sabrina- I think this was created out of the spirit of self-justification! (I WAS somebody! wah!) and Stirling- I want to be happy, but I won’t be happy til I make you happy too..or put everyone in a tutu

  2. Can’t help with the decision, but I love your chart, and the drawing of Mr Monopoly! If you’ve thought it through enough to make a chart like that, likely you’ll arrive at the right decision……

    • Sadly, the chart took less than ten minutes- probably because I’ve been faced with these issues throughout my professional life, as many dancers have. The only downside is that a credible company or choreographer name doesn’t always trump up to a quality experience, and at least where I am now in my career, I’d rather build artistic satsifaction (and possibly a sustainable lifestyle) than have a resume full of name dropping.

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