AngeLEGa: Better poses for the Red Carpet

I am already sick of Angelina’s leg all up in my internet-face! I don’t find anything special about this pose besides the huge slit in her dress. This is what we call a Beginner Pose. Boring Starlets like Gwenyth Paltrow and James Earl Jones should stick to this.

I’m sorry, but Angie’s got nothin’ on these sweet lady-stilts. I want to see somone try one of These on the red carpet! 

 barefoot amazingness  = intermediate level. Should be attepted by Meryll Streep, Johnny Depp, Daniel Radcliffe, and all country music sensations.

Add  Pointe shoes for extra points plus amazingness= advanced Pose- should be attempted by Emma Stone, Penelope Cruz,  Eddie Murphy,  Judi Dench, and  Oprah


Misty Copeland- Do they come as a set or can I just get the left one?

And don’t forget the men. Wowza! Mid-jump= Not for the Timid Pose – should be attempted by Jack Black, Zac Efron, and failed at by Nicholas Cage and Jonah Hill

Also the guy on the left was one of my first partners. Check out this link for one of my old embarrassing pics of us. Antonio now dances with Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre.

I do love a sassy, dressed-up or exposed leg baring pose though…..aghh! Not like these!

Stepping on someone else, or anythign Richard-related= Do Not Attempt because it’s just wrong! should be attempted by- Madonna and Sacha Baron Cohen

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11 thoughts on “AngeLEGa: Better poses for the Red Carpet

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