New Social Dance- the Shamrock Shake

Please tell me that someone else had this reaction to the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake commercial…

“Jody Sawyer!”

That is indeed the ex San Fran ballerina and star of the critically acclaimed film, Center Stage, miss Amanda Schull, now slurping down the green syrup for our gluttonous enticement. And that bit about critical acclaim is as fake as the mint flavoring McDiabetes likes to throw in there.

I really wish they would make a Shamrock Shake commercial using edited bits of Center Stage. LIke this clip, from ‘Cooper’s Ballet’ (which, my goodness the choreography is not so good) where Jody is already dressed in green, why not turn her into a giant milkshake like one of those sad sign waving people? And those two ballet divos (Sacha Radetsky and Ethan Steifel) can battle it out for her suga’. Though from the looks of it at 1:33 ad 1:42, I would say he’s had enough. This is a milkshake intervention Steifel, put down the sugar!

And finally, I think that one of two things should happen. Either:

A) Everyone that orders a Shamrock shake has to do this part of the choreography (0:58 sec) while riffing on the Jamiroquai lyrics, ‘Got Candy For A Meal tonight Ba..By!”   ……or……..

B) All McDeath’s staff has to line up and do the choreography at 1:23we’ll call it the shamrock Shake

You know what I just noticed? Does anyone else find it strange that a harbinger of luck has both the words ‘sham‘ and ‘rock’ in it? Hmmm….a big fake rock. Sounds like my future engagement ring.

“When Margot Fonetyn was in a McDonald’s commercial, you couldn’t take your eyes off her! Pft..can’t be taught.”

One thought on “New Social Dance- the Shamrock Shake

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