Hunger Games; The Ballet

Don we now our Games Apparel.

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve got my mockingjay pin.

I would love to make a ballet out of the first book. The costumes especially would be amazing. Here’s an example:

I drew Katniss’ ‘District 12 Chariot Ride’ outfit, morphed into ballet costume. Of course she still has the black unitard and flaming cape, but the lace up boots I turned into black pointe shoes.

In this rendition, Katniss is danced by my friend the lovely Jenny Rice, dancer with Missouri Ballet Theatre because she is a) always a girl on fire b) she leant me the second two books after I bought the first one and obsessively needed to read the following two.

Also, I think the role of a talented ‘Archer’ like Katniss should be played by someone with gorgeous arches. Check out those legs and feet!

Let the Games Begin!!

4 thoughts on “Hunger Games; The Ballet

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