Model Behavior- scandals, fashion, and ballet

Scandal, fashion, and ballet in other words, three of my most treasured possessions/ ambitions

I don’t know if anyone else is quite so un-shocked by the whole SCANDAL AT THE ROYAL BALLET! The 21-year-old superstar, Sergei Polunin, abruptly left his post as principal dancer right before his ‘biggest debut ever’ in the new piece, ‘The Dream’. Apparently, he’s rather bored being London’s ballet darling and wants new challenges. It seems to me that he’s behaved rather childishly (takes one to know one) in his decision, and doesn’t seem particularly grateful to the Royal Ballet in all they’ve done for him, but he’s the big fish in the pond at the moment and they don’t allow him to ‘cross the pond’ and he’s been quoted saying he’d like to accept guest artist opportunities with American Ballet Theatre. I think time to jump ship if he wants a new challenge. I just hope his visit coincides with a trip of my own to the big apple.  (You can read a more detailed and well-written report on his non- 2 week notice here )

Here’s another ballet-world figure at the top of their game who found something else to do:

Paloma Vasquez de Castro: founder of Cult Spanish design label ‘Hoss Intropia’ is the ex-costume designer to the National Ballet of Spain. The brand is known for hand-made and in-house designed prints, beading, and embroidery, and for nods to the artwork of Spanish painter, Deigo Valazquez, folk art, and of course, theatre costume. You can never really leave it all behind. (Look at this model on the left with the sort-of turned in Retire position)










Here’s some stuff from currently showing spring/summer lines (if you’re in the US you can get it at Bloomingdales in Soho- man, I miss New York sometimes!) or check out more at her website. These are just a few of my favorite looks from the HI/ Miguel Palacio (which used a lot of gold jewelry)/ and Silver Line collections.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally, I love that her site gives a detailed account of the gorgeous models she selects to represent the brand. Especially when she picks a ballerina like Tamara Rojodancer with guess who- The Royal Ballet.  Maybe Mr. Polunin left the company because he’s jealous that he was never picked to model a line of HI clothes (I know I am!)

“And I was your silver lining, but now I’m gold” -Jenny Lewis

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