Little Ode to Suzanne Farrell

I meant to write something meaningful or at least something funny about this process I’m enduring undertaking of turning myself into a dancer again but I just didn’t find it funny today.  I don’t know why, but I felt beaten before going in to  class. I even wore a leotard that features both velvet and sparkles to lift my spirits and that too failed. Mostly, I think, due to the fact that velvet and summer weather don’t mix. What happened to spring?

The Dance Lesson' 1879 Black Chalk and Pastel- Degas (plus my imagined thought bubble)

 Tomorrow will be better….I hope. At least it is National Poetry Month– which I can fully celebrate no matter what happens during any given day. Here’s one that I like from the NYCB Tributes book

Little Ode to Suzanne Farrell

by Ron Padgett

No ode is big
or fast enough to have
the very all of you inside it, so
I will have to be like you
and climb inside myself and fly
into the outline that the pattern
of my moving self has left behindthe outline of the possible you impossibly beautiful in everyonelike a little girl suddenly seeing the angles in
a light blue protractor and therefore being them

Where was I and who?

You for whom
we get dressed up
and go uptown and up
the elevator shaft as
the curtain goes up and when
you glide in on your diagonal
we fall into the elevation of a dream
that has a hummingbird and Saint Teresa of Avila in it

and you

who hover in the air like a disembodied heart
shocked into eternity for the split second the music
turns to face you and you find your face up there
in the dark where we are and a smile on it

There is space here and air and breath, clarity
of perfect tears that beauty makes us cry so automatically

as you wrap the world around
your finger, then wrap yourself around the world

I must be hiding up there in the dark with the outline that Ms. Farrell has left behind,  trying to force myself into it.
 Must remember that no ode is big enough for any of us.

Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins in Diamonds from 'Jewels'- photo by Paul Kolnik

Suzanne Farrell and George Balanchine in Don Quixote, 1965- photo by Fred Fehl

3 thoughts on “Little Ode to Suzanne Farrell

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