Dance (or Vote) for me

Help me win a free book and name a published collection of dance photography! Click this link and vote for ‘MANifestations: Speaking in Movement’ (Jessica R.)

Would you buy a book entitled, ‘Dancer Among Us..Dancers Feet and a Photographers Beat!’ ? No, neither would I.

"Oh waitress, I'll have another beverage and your legs please" dancer: Michelle Joy (All photos by Jordan Matter)

My best friend works at Workman Publishing in New York and her company is holding a contest to create or vote on the title of a new collection of Dance Photography by artist Jordan Matter featuring professional dancers in everyday situations from all across America. You can read all about his initial inspiration (his 6 year old son,, a toy bus, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and the dancers of New York) here.  Also please check out the ‘behind the scenes’ footage where some dancers from Sarsota Ballet are attacked by seagulls.

Ballet version of Hitchcock's, 'THe Birds" (just kidding!) Dancer: Danielle Brown

Point blank; I WANT THIS BOOK! I would also like an autographed copy. I’d be willing to pay for it but if I win the naming contest- the prize is a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY! MOstly, I just do not want this stunning collection to go under the moniker ‘Population Dancity; Dancers around the world’  (No darling, that’s incorrect! It’s dancers in the US, not around the world) or ‘ClassYcal Ballet Shoes’. Dreadful.

After reading the mission statement myself, I was inspired to try an think up a title that seemed fitting. One line that stood out to me was, ‘They bring to life what we feel but are unable to express physically’. I loved how Mr. Matter described the creativity, communication, athleticism, and beauty of dance. I think I personally love the human connection of anatomy with dancer and spectator, and the emotions that stir under the skin, but the way that dancers use their arms, legs, faces, torso to express these commonalities in challenging, beautiful, quirky, unique ways that not everyone who simply possesses arms and legs can master. After seeing the shots of dancers in sort of everyday situations, doing amazing things with their bodies yet expressing some kind of emotion, I was reminded of this Isadora Duncan quote:

“The dancer’s body is simply the luminous manifestation of his soul…This is the truly creative dancer, natural but not imitative, speaking in movement out of himself and out of something greater than all selves

skinnydipping in chicago. Dancer: Marissa Horton

I like the word manifestations because it is an outward, visible sign– representing the physicality of dancers and the communication of music and energy and emotion through something tangible. I capitalized the first three letters (MAN) in my submission because it emphasizes the human quality of these gorgeous dancers, rather than the superhuman qualities found in their anatomy.

If you don’t like mine, feel free to come up with your own. Just please don’t let it be called some of these awful suggestions. I don’t even like Dancers Among Us. It makes us sound like space aliens.

Jess Phone Hoooome. Just call me the Jesstra terrestrial. How’s THAT for a title?

The truth is out there....Dancer: Louise Layman

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