Ballerina Roommates; Decoupage

You  know what I look forward to seeing in my mailbox?

The Anthropologie Catalogue. Not because I can afford anything in there, find a place for that many expensive desk-toppers (who needs that many antique candlesticks?) or even want that many crochet tops, but I love the interior design shots. The rooms usually look like an isolated cabin or a cluttered old art gallery. I can imagine artsy-fartsy women inhabiting these spaces- like Virginia Woolf or Beatrix Potter, painting china or writing suicide notes feminist novels. I love the art direction, the colors, the feel of the paper. Basically, I like cutting it up and trashing it in an art form known as…

DECOUPAGE– a decorative technique in which a design is made with cut out paper applied to a separate surface

I used to like making collages a lot but they’d usually come out like some kind of surreal nightmare, a giant cluster-fondu of chaos. Look at  this one that I made in 6th grade. I wonder what my teacher thought when I turned this masterpiece in. (Get her some meds!)

Dali's melting clocks have nothing on my 'Fish monster carrying around girl-being-poked-with-a-green-bean by turban clad man. I also like the pineapple-pruning gardener

Or like this one, which is my ideal retreat. See me, the lone figure up on the balcony? My idea of paradise must of course overlook a courtyard filled with llamas.

I like decoupe because I can just add more beauty or in this case. ballerinas. In the most recent Anthro catalogue, I added my ideal lady roommates: Princess Aurora, Myrtha (Queen of the Wilis), and the lead girl from Balanchine’s Serenade. Here we are hanging out in this rather dark living room in the ‘Sun and Shade’ photos.  (They are drawn on tracing paper to give them the ghostly effect- and also because ballet is both my sun and my shade. )

I think Aurora would be a slovenly, lazy roommate and never do the dishes. Myrtha would probably be that roommate that insists on making a rotating chore schedule and would leave those sticky note reminders all over if things weren’t to her liking. She also probably would not be a supporter of ‘overnight guests’. I think Serenade girl would probably rarely be home, always either working, obsessively working out, or visiting a douchy boyfriend.

I will decoupage ballerinas into chairs, I will decoupage ballerinas everywhere!  (Sorry Dr. Seuss)

4 thoughts on “Ballerina Roommates; Decoupage

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