Unlikely Swans

Hop, Skip, and a Jump…..

Come visit me as I guest blog for English Muse today- which just so happens to be National Poem-in-your-pocket’ day. There’s a holiday for everything isn’t there? I’m really looking forward to National ‘Give Jess ten bucks’ Day.

My post contains the perfect poem for the wannabee bad-@ss swan ballerina and of course, an illustration. (She looks a little bit like me)

I tend to wear pants too tight to stuff all the poems I love into my pockets, so maybe I could shove them in this majestic nod to the great ballet, ‘Swan Lake’ created by artist Mimi Pong. If not, the duck one will suffice. If I’m anything like the swan from the poem, it’s probably  more appropriate anyways. (Look at that big duck!)

Aren’t you flippin’ for these birds? I know I am. But then, being a wannabe bad-@ss ballerina, I am always drawn to swan-related junk. I do not, however, feel like a raging stuff junkie because it’s the WHITE swan, not the BLACK one, which is bad and must always be destroyed. Just take it from Larry David.

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