You’re Never Fully Dressed Without It

Have you ever been asked, ‘Who is your style icon?‘ I have. My answer is… no one.

I tend to envision a made-up character in my head for every event that I go to and imagine what that character would wear, then dig through my closet to find the closest match. I treat everything as an opportunity to be in costume.

I am quite sad because one of my favorite classes had its final performance this past week. It was a musical theatre class with kindergarten through 3rd graders. One of the songs we performed was ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile’ from Annie. I had initially envisioned them wearing matching black  top hats, but one day I brought in a bag of various head coverings from my own personal collection and the result was much funnier (plus it allowed the students  a chance to pick a favorite and develop their own characters). Among the choices on these 5-8 year olds were: a cowboy hat, a wizard hat, a sequined top hat, a baseball cap, and a giant artist beret. It was hilarious.

It did however force me to wonder, why do I own such weird stuff and when did this fascination with costume pieces take hold? I probably should have thought of this before. I remember once when I was a freshmen in college, my best friend Emily and I were walking around campus both wearing samples of my various strange headpieces and some guy shouted out the window of his car, ‘You’re the love of my life!!” (I’m sure quite sarcastically). I suppose, if I had to re-think my answer about icons, and compare myself to someone out there in Hollywood, I’m either Diane Keaton or Sacha Baron Cohen.What a fashionista.

always in costume- Emily, Nick, Me, and Meredith as ‘confused wizards trying to be muggles’ at the Harry Potter 4 premiere. Yes, we went out in public like this

I’m very excited to be going to Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company’s performance tonight at 7:30 and I’ve already given some thought as to what I’d like to wear. I’m thinking something like this…

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on a rehearsal or two and was so excited to learn that one of the pieces is set to the music of ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Therefore, I think it only fitting that I dress like a Cylon. I would like to fire both insults and little missiles at any dancer that doesn’t point their feet, which isn’t likely to happen. These dancers are all ‘beautiful fraks of nature!‘- a good thing because my aim, just like my fashion sense, is quite dreadful.

Actually, I can’t wait to see what the dancers will be wearing, and how it will be lit. I was quite impressed witha) the musical selection b) the choreography c) the execution- but I feel that a piece can be made or broken by the costume and lighting choices. Just as my students were that much more adorable in a funny array of headgear, the visual impact from the garments and presentation of dancers can change the entire mood, look, and interpretation of choreography. I will be really interested to see how my experience watching the piece changes from seeing them in their classwear to whatever the costume may be. There are also other pieces on the program that I haven’t had a sneak peek of, so I’m excited to see them as well. Get info here: tickets at the door!

I would love it if some either had a cylon suit that I could borrow or if a bunch of people wanted to dress up like Battlestar Galactica characters. I don’t think misery loves company but a fashion faux pas certainly does. Who’s with me? You can wear whatever you want, but chances are, you’ll end up wearing a smile. (It always comes back to musicals with me, doesn’t it?)

You’re never fully dressed without a smile, and a weird hat- xo, jess

2 thoughts on “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without It

  1. I think you should tone it down a little. Go with a classic little black dress and heels, and then add a Cylon helmet.

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