Jessica: the Auditioning Flying Monkey

Here’s a hilarious image for your entertainment:

Me, surrounded by 10 year olds auditioning for the same parts in yes, a hip hop show.

This really did happen. I went on Sunday to try out for Anthony Redd William’s production of ‘Hip Hoz’- a hip hop dance version of The Wiz. I saw an excerpt of it from COCA’s ‘Triumphant! Company Showcase’ and was inspired to try out myself.  I also think this kind of movement would be good for me in my attempts to develop a better sense of groundwork, stamina, and attack.

There were a lot of people there in a pretty wide age range; the youngest allowed are ten-year olds and many of them were students of mine from various classes over the past few months. I can’t decide if my favorite moment of the audition was:

  1. When several of the young auditioners came up to me saying either, ‘I didn’t know you do hip hop!’ (Guess what, I don’t kids! Just watch and find out!) Or when they asked, ‘didn’t you teach some of my classes? (Yes, children, I did. Please forget what you see here today and respect me the next time I’m put in a position of authority in front of you)  
  2. Then there was always my shining moment from combination number 1 from Ebony Williams (another amazing, beautiful dancer and teacher at COCA) in which I completely forgot the choreography and then tried to catch up and did something akin to the Pee-Wee Herman dance.

I think I’m a shoo-in for one of those flying monkey roles,wouldn’t you agree?

Filling out the registration was also amusing. Please list the years you have studied:

Ballet: about 22 Jazz: about 10 Modern: about 15 Hip Hop: absolutely 0!

I still found the whole experience quite enjoyable, even if I don’t get picked. If you also are interested in auditioning, you still can! There is one more chance on Tuesday May 22! Registration begins at 4:30, audition 5-8 at COCA in University City.

I should know in a week or so if I’ve been chosen for Hip Hoz. I’m keeping all fingers crossed!..until it’s revealed that I haven’t been picked as a flying monkey and then I’ll be using those phalanges to  flip them another flying creature- the bird!

Who needs opposable thumbs now!? Yours in jest- Jess

3 thoughts on “Jessica: the Auditioning Flying Monkey

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