3 steps to friendship

You know that you can call yourself a friend of mine if I have:

1.Pushed a Book or Movie on you

2. Brought or made you some sort of food or beverage that you probably didn’t request

3. Begged you to attend some artsy-fartsy event, performance, or class with me.

Art and Poetry exhibit at the Regional Arts Commission

If I have succeeded in dragging you to something like Pilates class- as I did last week with my dear friend Nate- then you are a true blue friend. Or a real sap.

Nate actually did pretty well in Pilates. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye during ‘teaser’ and I’m pretty  mad- I was expecting more comedy. Laughter + teaser is an amazing abdominal challenge. I think the real friend test is ‘who is willing to flail about for my general enjoyment as I try to do crunches?Any takers?

I could argue that I just want to share the things that make me happy but it’s also possible that I’m just trying to morph everyone into an extension of myself and to like what I like. I maintain that pilates is good for everyone to get a taste of- my cooking, not so much. Of course, the truest sign that I love you is if there exists a picture of us where I’m making a total stink face in your general direction.

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