The blog is back in town

Like a bear awakening from a long winter hibernation, I’m emerging from the cave of non-blogging. And I’m again hungry- to share my dance life, lessons, and all the things I laugh at with you. And if someone wants to bring me some d@mn honey I’d appreciate that too (just kidding).

Wake up sleepy cat! It’s time to blog!

Life has just been pretty busy for the past month and  lot has happened. For anyone who knows me, you know that I don’t like vagueness for vagueness sake so I’ll come out with the fact that my lovely Grandmother passed away at the age of 91 from cancer. Between my first cat Finnagen, my Dad, a beloved neighbor, and My Grandma- this has been the year of cancer for me and my family. It’s also my astrological sign- any wondering WHY I’ve been such a crab lately?









Speaking of astrological signs and all that mumbo jumballet, it was my 26th bday last weekend. Hooray middle age and the end of momma’s health insurance! The day was fabulous and some great friends came over and emptied a few bottles of stuff with me. But the idea of no more coverage has been stressing me out like mad. It’s enough to turn my hair white. At least that would save me some mulah on summer highlights.

And I’ve been teaching a LOT! Which is great and wonderful and so tiring. I work predominantly with the 4-5 age group which is just mentally exhausting. So in the little time I have away from classes it hasn’t been topping my list of to-do’s to sit at my computer. I mostly sit in dead silence and zone out and try to empty head of the millions of times I hear, ‘Miss Jessssss, I have to pee!’ and other such dance-related admonitions.

The good news is that sitting at my computer is looking like it might become more of a priority in the near-future in the dreamiest way possible. I can’t exactly say why yet- I want to make sure all the paperwork is signed and dotted and everything before I share- there’s the vagueness I said I’d never indulge in! Sometimes it seems I’m more afraid to come out with the good things in case they don’t really come to fruition. But stay tuned- it will be really good if it comes true. I must have done a great job of blowing out my birthday candles this year. And lastly. the past year has just been such a crash course of making priorities, healthy choices, and actually learning how to teach (and how to keep yourself sane through the process) that if there are any dancers, teachers, or art-lovers out there I’m feeling motivated to share my tips since i know I’ve certainly had my fair share of experimentation that went supremely well and supremely wrong.

Lessons from the Sugar Prune Fairy

As for today though, it’s a day off for all so I hope everyone has a great holiday– and I’ll see you soon!

a quiet pool at night and carnival lights

With blunt gratitude and vague love (you’ll never hear me say it!)- xo- Jess


4 thoughts on “The blog is back in town

  1. Glad to see you back, I know that blogging can be a labor of love, particularly with all you’ve been through the past year. Hang in there! Love you!

    Your Uncle Doug

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