When I have fears

I’ve always felt a connection to this Keats poem. I too, fear the idea of dying– not for dying’s sake but that my time might come before I’ve done everything I think I’m meant to do.

New fear on the list- going to the movies.

I wanted to tie this in to my feelings towards the recent Colorado shootings, but this is, I think, all I have to say for now. Senseless tragedy confuses and angers me. It also, oddly enough, makes me want to engage even more in the world because I think, my fear of missing out on everything that I want to do and see and learn and experience dominates my fear of death. I suppose if fear makes me want to get up and get going rather than curl up in a ball and hide, then I’m pretty lucky.

I think I’ll just leave you with this quote from Wicked: the Life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West

“There was much to hate in this world, and too much to love”- Gregory McGuire

These images come from a birthday gift- ‘In Classic Style; The Splendor of American Ballet Theatre’ put together by Nancy Ellison. It is signed by 2012 members of the company. I spent over an hour pouring over just the pictures alone without even getting into the text and of course staring at the autographs. Yes, that is Gillian Murphy. And DaniilĀ Simkin. And Marcelo Gomez. And Misty freakin’ Copeland. And David Hallberg. So pretty much everyone that came to this xmas gathering of mine. So many amazing inspiring people gathered into these pages, doing wonderful beautiful things. I must let them in turn, inspire me and outweigh the fear of less beautiful actions in the world. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the good stuff.

7 thoughts on “When I have fears

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