Pass me the Torch, will ya?

Happy Opening Ceremony of the Olympics… As Sanka from Cool Runnings says, ‘I am feeling very Olympic today! How ’bout you?’

The ‘Isle of Wonder’ ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle, was supposedly inspired in part by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. Which part, I’m not so sure.

Hooray for the athletes- those people who put their bodies through so much for the sake of a dream. (I wonder what that’s like?!)

And to British culture and history which looks more like the inspiration behind the ceremony to me, as well as where my pointe shoes come from.

I hope next time, the Olympics take place in Jamaica, if only for a huge revival of the ‘Nuff people say they know they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team!’ theme song. It’s basically their version of the soundtrack from Chariots of Fire.

And of course, for Mr. Bean- the best part of the opening and a terrible athlete. You know what would be great? A Brit version of Cool Runnings. 

You would need: the driven and talented leader, the delusional tough guy with a heart (who coincidentally wants to live in Buckingham Palance), the rich push-over, and the friendly fool.

I’d want:  Tony Blair, David Beckham, Prince Harry, and Mr. Bean all squashed back-to-back in a tiny sled. I bet Mr. Bean would have a lucky scotch egg that he’d continually ask David Beckham to kiss. They would be coached by Ricky Gervais.

 If you aren’t going to be the strongest, boldest, brightest in the room, you might as well be the funniest.

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