People I remember, places I don’t

The title of this humble Sunday post comes from artist Robert Frank Hunter and his series of selected pages from an artist’s book exhibition, ‘Little Wonder’. The drawings are divided between his family members in memories from childhood and locations of these memories which have gotten lost in the shuffle of things remembered.Cover is printed and bound by hand and the content printed by Doveton press. There is something similar to displacement at work here, the way you open the book and one page has a white cut-out shape of a person amidst a fully realized setting, while the opposite page has that misplaced person hovering in a white fog of an otherwise blank page.I think it’s pretty wonderful, don’t you?

I was thinking about this series and title in particular over the past week because quite honestly, I’m living the exact opposite in the studio. There exists within my life, the familiarity of the barre, of plies- first, second, a fifth that is becoming increasingly harder to achieve as I age– the routine of the physical that feels like home no matter where the studio or class. Yet here it is within a new set of people; a new group of dancers, friends, fellow humans just trying to stand up straight. I feel as though I remember them from a future perspective, like meeting someone in your twenties that grew up in your hometown that you just never happened to cross paths with before. It’s so odd and wonderful how an activity, a place can actually bring people together.

With that being said, I’d like to share this video (click to watch) that highlights some of the hot spots of St. Louis, my home housing the barres where I take up residence. I like that the Fox Theatre is included, there are bits of the famous Delmar Avenue, where I teach, and good eateries, markets, stadiums, and parks. I have not visited The Mud House or The Pint Size Bakery, so those are my list.

And amongst those places that I remember, frequent, or haven’t yet seen live such wonderful people, this one in particular. Tara is a fellow dancer with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. Here she is showing a bit of Jessica Lang’s choreography for the upcoming October performance for Channel 4. So unique, so beautiful, so memorable.


St. Louis is really a great place to live. How could I forget that? Many thanks to Anastasis Films and Mallory-from which I stole the link for this video-, to Michael Uthoff, Jennifer Medina, and Tara Cacciatore for the reminder.

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