Picture this…

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot for Common Thread Contemporary Dance company. New headshots were the real need, but dance shots in various outfits were also taken. I was told ‘bring a black leotard and black shorts’ and I of course also brought a variety of colors and maybe a vintage dress or two.

I love a weird photoshoot- the kind that makes the average passerby say, ‘what is going on and why is that girl on her toes, in a dress, and climbing in that dumpster?‘ This one spanned some city landscapes, doorways, and garages. You just have to stop and realize how strange and amazing life is when you get to spend an evening in spandex varietites of fashion walking around in pointe¬†shoes in the rain-sodden streets with your boss by your side, cracking jokes and snapping pics.

Here’s a little sample. (Photo by the multi-talented and wonderful Jennifer Medina– CTCD artistic director)

What do you think!? Keep your eyes peeled for Common Thread’s website to see all of the gorgeous dancers¬†at work and play. Thanks for the compliments in advance! (please give me compliments!)

6 thoughts on “Picture this…

  1. While I appreciate the single very pretty photo, I believe I speak for all of us who live in far distant lands and do not get to experience nearly enough Jess when I say that you need to post more pretty photos.

    Or if you would prefer a more traditional compliment — even though all hope of that is lost at this point — that picture is beautiful.

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