Leaking videos and photos

Drip Drip. Here’s another photo from last week’s shoot. I call it,

“Jes(u)s on the Cross” – just kidding. (photo by Common Thread Artistic Director Jennifer Medina. Model- that’s me!)

The shoes are Freed Studio 2s in size 3 1/2. (Little feet for such a big metaphorical head) The dress is a 2010 Alice and Olivia silk piece that I got from Bloomingdales in New York for my 24th birthday.

And here’s the flood:

In other news, the marketing team behind Common Thread Contemporary Dance is putting out a brief, typo-free newsletter (everything that this site is not). Well done to Sydney Reese! There was a nice little shout-out to yours truly and that photo of me in attitude derriere with busted feet and dirty pointe shoes. Take a look here and sign up to receive it yourself- it’s a great way to be notified when we have an upcoming show, important news to share, or secret discounted tickets.  It also mentions my wonderful opportunity to choreograph at the Common Thread Summer Workshop. (Read more about that and see a video- a secret, unlisted video at that- here)  Here is a public video that the amazing Ellen Vierse put together from the workshop.

And as one last little insider treat, here’s a photo from my terrible camera of Jen and my dear friend and inspiration Mariko Kumanomido from rehearsal and trying on some costumes in our temple studio and a little doodle that I did of Mariko (I messed up her face and shaded it too much, so she looks like she’s facing the back) and the gorgeous Tara Webbe Filomena Cacciatore.

I wish I could capture their beauty better- I would then tear their portraits into tiny fragments and brew the paper like healing tea and drink it down like some kind of elixir of art. Until I master magical mixology (and basic pen sketching) I’ll keep being inspired the normal way, and leaking little photos, videos, droplets from my own inspired life. I baptise thee, internet, in the name of the fondu, the sissone, and the holy blog post. xo-jess

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