A Full House

A lot of people have an ideal ‘dream house’ or characteristics they’d like to see in their home: a pool, high ceilings, a secret underground lair.. all good options. Mine would have a catwalk, wings, and ridiculously beautiful curtains.

No, I don’t mean that I desire to live in an airplane with French pleated draperies on all of the miniscule windows and a raised platform for the fashionable and hungry to strut upon. Let’s not give Tyra anymore ideas. I of course mean a gorgeous old theatre. If I could be the female version of ‘the phantom’ from Phantom of the Opera, I would. Well, minues the burned-face, zero self-esteem, and propensity for stalking and murder. Bascially I mean I want to live in a theatre like any one of these: (Beautiful photographs by Andrew Moore. His montages are also stunning!)

Gearing up for the show this weekend means heading into my dream home for tech and blocking and rehearsals. I love the anticipation with the week prior to a show- the sea of empty red velver chairs in the audience, knowing or hoping that they will be filled with people who  will fill the space with their bodies, chatter, opinions, and reactions to whatever it is that you show to them. I always feel like the relationship between audience and performer is a kind of poker gamewhat do you have in your hand? As the performer, do you have the ability to do something breathtaking? As the audience, what kind of appreciation do you have to give? As the dancer, I feel as though I don’t necessarily know the cards that even I hold because you never know exactly how things will play out, when a balance will be held that extra second, a turn flawlessly finished, a strange collaborative energy between yourself and the other performers. You just keep hoping for a full house in your favor- both in your hands and in the seats.

I wish that Libertine, the brand that showed these funky little house bags at New York Fashion Week, would make one that looked like a theatre. I would store all of my stuff in there, stuffed on top of all of my stories and just live out of it. Or perhaps I’d keep it empty, only taking it out and filling it on really specail occasions.

See you in my house- the theatre! xo- Jess

2 thoughts on “A Full House

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