Nicholas Cage Hair Day

If you know me, then you know that I HATE Nicholas Cage and would never dream of any scenario where I would see an image of Monseigneur Cage and say, ‘yup that’s just like me’. And then I saw this…..

This is the best dance-based tumblr I’ve ever seen. I also love the cast list fainting lady, fancy leotard man, and 30 seconds left Tracy Morgan in ballet class. Mostly I just love seeing the world of dance through all manner of ridiculous media. It isn’t just me anymore! Put on your dance-colored glasses and stare through that filter…. (These are just a few that I like that I lifted from the site- I love them all and it is worth a look!)

When you repeat the same solo in variations class

When someone makes a Black Swan reference

When People See My Feet

Hope everyone is starting their weekend with a smile and a great hair day! xo- Lady Nicholas Jessica Cage-hater Ruhlin

2 thoughts on “Nicholas Cage Hair Day

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