A step-by-step guide to President Fosse

However you decide to vote today (and I hope that everyone DOES vote today!) we can all get behind a Fosse reference.

And all that Jess/ Jazz -musical theatre class at Butler circa 2008

What if Fosse was President? He would lift all the smoking bans in restaurants and bars for one. Health care would improve because everyone would need to constantly see a chiropractor or physical therapist from all of the hinges and lay-outs. And he wouldn’t go by ‘The President’- he’d definitely call himself the Chairman. His running mate would be Jerome Robbins.

Your Throne, Mein Chairman…(stock photo from ‘Cabaret’)

What if we had a female dance innovator as a leader? Martha Graham would rule as a Prime Minister, Katherine Dunham would be some kind of tribal Chief, Twyla Tharp would be a slave driver, and Agnes Demille would just call herself the ‘Head Wrangler’, roping all the cattle into schools that still provide art classes, and hospitals with PBS blasting on the elevators.

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