Hidden Meaning

Is the whole the sum of its parts? Take your average stable composite object– which according to the laws of physics must have equal energy conserved before and after it is split into separate constituents- and the answer is no due to the fact that it takes an added energy in the balance to break something seemingly strong apart. Because of what is termed ‘binding energy’ the sum is actually LESS than the energy of the parts.

I think that the human experience transcends universal laws of physics. I believe that we as people can be MORE than the sum of our parts, our experiences and stories, if we learn or grow from mistakes or heartaches. Not everyone feels this way, but I think that we are all- in personality and work ethic and outlook- the sum of our experiences and reactions plus whatever meaning we derive from those circumstances. I really feel that we are occasionally tested and while it feels awful, it’s an opportunity to learn something (whether it be who to trust when you’re down, just how strong you really are, or on a personal note, that processed junk food never ever makes me actually feel better.). While this sentiment might very possibly just be a coping mechanism to make sense of the negative things the universe occasionally hurls our way, it helps me at least to keep my chin up and my eyes peeled for a positive aftermath. It’s impossible to know all outcomes from any given scenario so I think the best thing to do is sometimes just be patient and wait for the silver lining to become apparent. If you’re looking for it, it usually does.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, others wear their philosophies on a tote bag- like these that I saw on Unruly Things (day after the election…hmmm) from  twelvezeroseven, available at Baum Kitchen. I would love to use one of these as a dance carry-all, stuffing inside of it my shoes, leg warmers, and of course all of the bandaids that hopefully help heal the wounds that time, a positive attitude, and a credo can’t fix.

That’s it for now- xo- Jess, your average unstable composite object

2 thoughts on “Hidden Meaning

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