What does SDP stand for?

Happy National Diabetes Awareness Day– cause just in case you weren’t aware, I’m type 1. I don’t know if ‘happy’ is really the appropriate word, I am quite aware of this monkey-on-my-pancreas and it doesn’t feel like cause for a national holiday in my opinion. Unless we are all banding together to further research and maybe even work towards a cure.

I’m hoping you will help me and other diabetics and our families by doing what I do best– bugging people until they pay attention to me and my needs!

“Hold me up and make me look good!”

It’s a critical time for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and we need you to call your members of Congress today and tell them “don’t stop now, renew the SDP!”  The Special Diabetes Program (SDP) provides $150 million a year for T1D research through the National Institutes of Health.  It is advancing important new technologies and treatments and bringing us closer to a cure – and it will end if Congress doesn’t act to renew it.   Here’s how to help: GO to the JDRF Advocacy Call site to read the summary for this call-to-action and then enter your email address where you received this message.

  1. Read the talking points and then enter the phone number at which you would like to be called.
  2. Pick up the phone when it rings… it’s the JDRF Advocacy site calling!
  3. After a quick intro, you’ll be connected to the office of the members of Congress listed to the left of the screen automatically.
  4. Press * to get ready for the next call and fill out a short, two question, survey. DO NOT hang-up until you are on the Thank You page.

By taking action, you can help continue progress towards technologies like the artificial pancreas, therapies to prevent kidney disease, and research to better understand the causes of T1D so we can cure and prevent it.  Completing all your calls will ensure that all of Congress is hearing from T1D advocates. I remember upon diagnosis, being told that I wouldn’t be able to be a dancer anymore and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t if the recent drugs out on the market weren’t made available to me. Just imagine what I could do if I had an artifical pancreas!? (maybe write a decent blog post…)

Now that you know what the SDP stands for, I ask you, what do YOU stand for? (Or get on the phone, donate, or volunteer for?)

If not Diabetes Research (screw you!) here are two other timely options!

1. It’s also MOVEMBER! I know I support men’s health issues- especially that of my dear friend Tim, a wonderful dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope who is taking on health awareness head-on…or should I say mustache-on. Movember is particularly focused on prostate and testicular cancer, which is quite a battle and hits a shocking number of men. Check out Tim’s site for information, events, prizes, ways to get involved, and of course, pics of tim and his stache!

2. November is also National Novel Writing Month! It’s the perfect time to start winding that tale you’ve been crafting in your head. Or you could always find the wannabe-writers in the cafes and buy them a coffee (I like to hang out at Bread Co, if you need a worthy cause to feed/ support)

There is always something to celebrate and always someone less fortunate than ourselves. We could all use a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or a new pancreas every now and again. xo- Jess

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