Upcoming Shows

As promised in yesterday’s post, here are the details for three exciting and diverse performances I have coming up:



candy colors 2

1. Dances of Winter Concert– with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company (that’s me!), Dance Project St. Louis, and special guest musician Aaron Burlbaw. This is the show that I dubbed ‘War of the Dresses’ yesterday because the fifteen-or-so dancers in the piece we’ve been focusing on this week are divided into two colors. They are; Teal and Magenta- one color that flatters me nicely and one that makes me look like a pasty ball of jaundice. Can you guess which I’m wearing? Costumes aside, this is undoubtedly the most moving piece I’ve ever had the privilege of dancing. It’s set to a mix of spoken word (by the amazing Walter Cronkite) and music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The choreography is a premier by Jennifer Medina, created on us which is a pretty spectacular experience in itself.  The show is held at the Foundry Arts Center in St. Charles. I had my first visit to downtown St. Charles a few weeks ago when I went for a bike ride on the Kady trail and stopped in for some hot chocolate at Studio Gallo Blu– part gelato-serving coffee house, part art studio/ gallery.


The owner, Kate Franklin, was really friendly and we had a nice conversation about art and dance. Her artwork is quite stunning and she not only sells some of it in her store but also offers lessons and party opportunities to create some of your own. I would go back for some gelato and to pick up tips on the landscapes in my own painting attempts. Between the show itself and the wonderful surrounding neighborhood of the Main Street St. Charles, all of the necessary parts are right there for a great holiday extravaganza.

2. Happenning Tomorrow! The 29th Annual Cherokee Cookie Spree yes you heard that right, cookie spree. I will be participating with the St. Louis Improv Anywhere group, causing a general ruckus and disturbing the peace in a hilarious way, as always. It’s going to be a fun time- with local artists offering their wares up and down Cherokee Street accompanied by live music and carolling.I’m guessing there will be lots of food around as well. I can say no more about my own part in the shin-dig because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I will post pictures of my costume and fellow improv crew later.

3. I’m delighted to report that I’ve been hired as an angel….well, to portray an angel anyways (what a stretch that role would be!) I am dancing beginning on Sunday through next Friday in the Faith Church production,Believe‘. This is not your average Christmas pageant. There are costumes that rival those of The Lion King on Broadway, incredibly fabulous singers, and even areal artists. I am also dancing a little solo as a music-box style ballerina.  Tickets are only 2 bucks, the show is about half an hour, and you get to see me in a white leotard….how fabulous. My friend Kate is the areal artist that will be soaring over the congregation. I really want her to shock them all and do it in a Batman costume. I would also like to go ‘Bride-of-Chucky’ style in the music box doll dance, but somehow I think that might kill the Christmas spirit.

j med

photo by Jennifer Medina

I hope that everyone is getting in their own holiday spirit and planning on going to see some wonderful things- me for instance! xo- Jess

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