Chaines- and Why I will never eat Papa John’s pizza again

Ballet vocabulary Lesson of the Day:

Chaines: (pronounced sheh..nays)- Literally- Chain. A turning step executed on alternating feet with progression along a line or circle. Typically induces dizziness in my case, at least.

I am planning on only buying U.S.- made gifts this year in attempt to support our economy. I’m also trying to keep the focus local or on unique artisanal kinds of things. I don’t like chain stores if I can avoid them even if sometimes the prices are better. It’s just the same old stuff again and again and again, a long weary strand of boring.

Speaking of chains and a rather-dizzying effect, after reading this article I will never again buy or even eat Papa John’s pizza. It’s a company that already only pays most employees minimum wage without benefits and is now threatening that under ObamaCare, they will be forced to increase prices on their shit pie products. ObamaCare basically mandates that companies of a certain size with a certain number of employees are required to provide health insurance to full-time employees. Many companies are saying that under this law,they will be forced to lower employee wages to make this an option. However, since Old Father Pizza already treats their workers like volunteers the cost of insurance has to come out of someone’s pocket, and you can bet it’s going to be the consumer not the CEO. (Even if in fact, it looks as though the cost increase would really only be between 3 to 4 CENTS per pizza, and this whole uproar from P J’s CEO John Schnatter is more of a political uproar than an economic meow meow.)

Just another FYI- according to this article, 60 percent of small businesses provide health insurance to workers, which is possibly one reason why their goods are occasionally more pricey than that of chains. I guess this is a moment for all of us to consider, what are we really paying for-because it’s more than just the product in our full bellies. It’s jobs, health care, a code of ethics and morals, and a message to the companies that don’t respect and care for the people working under their mighty wing.

I personally wouldn’t eat Papa Johns pizza after reading this; I find the whole situation as disgusting as their greasy-beyond-greasy products. But then, blatant disregard for humanity is rather sickening to me, and leaves a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. It looks to me like Schnatter is as much of a slimeball as the pepperoni Purgatory (I invented that name).Too bad we can’t take a napkin to him and blot away his selfish, political motives. I would like to be hired by Papa Johns, eat a few pizzas, then do chaines until I vomit on Schnatter. I bet he’d support health care for workers with my regurgitated pizza puke all down his apron.

My personal pan preference includes: A) a yummier product B) human-interest companies. One answer for St. Louis: Racanelli’s! A no-guilt for the soul in regard to the kind of company each bite supports. No-guilt for the diet…no, but an indulgence is an indulgence and you might as well do it right (for yourself, and for everyone) in my humble-pie opinion.

Check back tomorrow for a list of a few holiday performances I have coming up or am attending! A few teasers to introduce the shows: mega-church Lion King ballerina, War of the Dresses, and Black Market Cookie Monster. I hope that whets your whistle, if all the pizza talk didn’t already.

Happy Healthy Holidays fellow Humans! xo-Jess


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