gifts for dancers

When the cat’s away, the mice will play…

Common Thread Contemporary Dance company, apprentices, and Trainees in 'The Christmas Truce' - that's me, bottom, right

Common Thread Contemporary Dance company, apprentices, and Trainees in ‘The Christmas Truce’ – that’s me, bottom, right

Or when the shows are finished, the dancers have a cast party. Yesterday’s shows at the Foundry Arts Center with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company and St. Louis Dance Project went, judging by the audience reaction, very well. It was an incredible gift to be able to share this experience with my fellow dancers, my beautiful director,  and the wonderful children of Dance project. There is much to celebrate, if the holiday season isn’t enough in itself. (More photos to come tomorrow!)

We are having a little secret santa party- the only gift-giving rule being that each offering be something you already have lying around. For instance, you might re-gift a meaningful book, picture frame, etc. I was sorely tempted to give the big box of q-tips that I have in my bathroom cupboard but my earwax pulled a scrrodge in the end. I of course ended up making a little something with materials that I just happen to have lying around. Fingers crossed that the recipient finds it delightful!

Gifts for dancers can sometimes be tricky- I personally feel as if I don’t need or have space for any more useless ballerina trinkets (ornaments, statues, prints).  It’s nice to get something useful however, it doesn’t scream ‘holiday!’ to give plain bobby pins, rubber bands, or deodorant. If you are shopping for a dancer, here are a few ideas:

gift collage

Top Row: 1. Gift certificate to Yumiko online– they make hands-down the best leotards that can be custom designed. 2. Don’t let your dancer be ‘the stinky one’- mints in fun tins like these from Perpetual Kid 3. Pretty hair clips like these from Anthropologie (don’t get their bobby pins, trust me, they fall apart)

Middle Row: 1. For the sugar plum in your life- the Fresh line of spf15 lip tint 2. For the tutu-clad book worm- Tributes; a history of New York City Ballet (incredible photos, memoirs, costume designs, poems) 3. Re-usable water bottle with Brita filter from irish designer Orla Kiely -hydration is important! Also, that thing called the planet.

Bottom Row: 1. Tiger Balm– a pretty strong ointment for sore muscles. I personally like the smell but it can be too potent for some. Another good option for sore muslces and tension headaches is pepperment oil which you can find at Whole Foods. 2.These are too small to suffice as a dance bag, but the Nut bag (Nutcracker) and the foot bag from designer Ines Figaredo could convince me at least to downsize. 3. I seem to be always buying bandaids. These would make even the wounds seem like fun. Mad Libs bandaids? I would (verb) that.

Last idea for St. Louisans- tickets to Roal Winnpeg Ballet in Moulin Rouge at the Touhill. Can-Can I have that?

Serena Sandford of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet- photo by Nardella Photography Inc

Serena Sandford of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet- photo by Nardella Photography Inc

 If someone really felt in the spirit, you could always fly me to New York so that I could see Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in Petit Mort. Or just give a dancer what they really want- which for most of us is support, encouragement, and the opportunity to keep on dancing. xo-wrapped with love and wrapping paper- Jess

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