Dancing Stuff-Junkie Slideshow

First- a big thank you to the lovely Leah, my secret santa, for the amazing bag of treats! I am diving into the ‘101 stories of the great ballets’ tonight! And to Jen for hosting, and to everyone for bringing delicious snacks. I hope that Pam liked the hair-clips and the ornaments- she has an amazing black poodle named Jane so I made white and black poodle ornaments.

Customized cardstock silhouette ornaments made to order. Send shape requests to me at copelia12@sbcglobal.net


In any case- if you are still struggling to find your dancer a dance-related gift- consider these.

collage 2

Top Row: for your rockstar or starlet, geo/astral inspired jewelry / Vase for the many flowers they are sure to receive from adoring fans- I like this white wooden grain one from Leif. I’d like it even more filled with roses! / stationary to write ‘thank you for coming to my show’ cards

Middle Row: tutu cookie cutter– I like this simple one, it would be fun to have a decorating party with this/ Great especially if your dancer is a soldier in the nutcracker- military-inspired jacket from Zara/ dancer shaped pasta from pastashoppe.com

Bottom Row: A subscription to Dance Magazine (or any magazine that they might enjoy) / Itunes gift certificate– chances are, especially the teachers out there are always in need of new classroom music / Celestial Seasonings Tea– Nutcracker Sweet or Sugar Plum Spice (I like NS better, but that’s me)

Hopefully, they will put a little smile (bigger smile, BIGGER SMILE!) on the face of your dancing friend. if I could, I would get them all for my friends- mostly as an apology for posting these pictures.


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