El Monstero; Pink Floyd Ballerina

Hey You.

This past Saturday, I was one of the thousands of people packed into The Pageant for the 5th annual El Monstero Pink Floyd Tribute Band show. Saturday was the last of their sold-out week of performances and I was the 34,910th person to shine on like a crowded diamond.


I admit that I am not a huge fan of Pink Floyd if I’m sitting at home and browsing my itunes but as far as the show was concerned, it was pretty amazing. I have to hand it to the musicians and this show in particular had astounding production value. They had the coolest lights I’ve ever seen- a spotlight that looked like pooling ocean waves, flames, a rising platform, and included an array of dancers.

the incredible Jimmy Griffin (all photos by Todd Owyoung for RFT)

the incredible Jimmy Griffin (all photos by Todd Owyoung for RFT)


haha, I love 'enthusiastic old guy' and 'little creeped out kid'

haha, I love ‘enthusiastic old guy’ and ‘little creeped out kid’

There were two pole dancers and a collection of scantily clad girls parading around. The floor dancers didn’t do much besides bend over and walk around mostly without much grace or dominance. Methinks they could use a lesson from America’s Next Top Model runway coach Miss J on walking or perhaps some basic choreography (possibly from this Miss J- meaning me). The pole dancer on stage right was amazing- musical, flexible, and never wavered in character or strength. Also impressive was the aerial artist using chains and silks. I know that her name is Meg but I don’t know her.

Who dis ladeez?

Who dis ladeez?

I don’t expect to know all of the aerial artists around town but I think I am familiar with most of the professional dancers, especially the ballerinas. Not so apparently, since an unknown (to me) ballerina dressed in black swan attire graced the stage for one number.I would like to know who she was. I guess that I DO need some education.

Will the real slim shady please stand up? Or if you know who the Pink Floyd Ballerina is, please out this pointe-shoe wearing Cinderella.

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