Free Lunch

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today”

Of course, if Tuesday never comes, then Wimpy (Popeye’s portly friend) and I have scored ourselves a free lunch.

There is a natural order to things. You get your reward after the work is done.

Sleep After Toil- an old doodle of mine

Sleep After Toil- an old doodle of mine. Maybe it’s Popeye’s boat

For instance, here is some rewarding good news as follow-up to earlier posts:

  1. Congress did in fact renew funding for the SDP (Special Diabetes Program) in the amount of $150 million for the next year. I’m still waiting on the inhaler for insulin, so fingers crossed they buckle down and nail it in 2013. Wouldn’t we all just breathe a little easier with fewer needle junkies around?
  2.  I did uncover the Pink Floyd Ballerinaor I guess a fellow teacher/ friend of mine answered my call. Her name is Taya but I can’t tell you anymore about her…or she’d have to kill me.

Whoever said that hard work is its own reward is in my opinion, a real idiot, unless we’re talking about developing some self-discipline. In that case, yes. If I know anything, it’s that there are no shortcuts, no magical cans of spinach, no immediate cure. Nothing is free to take or to give. Someone is always sacrificing something to give to us as well, even if it’s just time. The best rewards and gifts are very rarely the instant ones.

Popeye in a tutu

Popeye in a tutu

An interesting day, possibly promising many more interesting days ahead involving a potential choreography opportunity and some new work. I feel like I’m filling out a lot of applications and lesson plans for my new classes at the moment, trying to fill my sketchbooks with samples and ideas should anyone need a mural painted in their home or place of business. I feel excited and hopeful and ready to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Here’s hoping that the work results in some reward- specifically, the opportunity to contribute and create. Is it weird that I would consider more work a reward? What more could an artist want? Well, free lunch would be nice. Does anyone have some spinach to spare?

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