Lambswool: Now and Then

I started dancing on pointe when I was either eight or nine.

I have small feet for my height anyways, and that- coupled with the fact that I was so young- meant that I needed the SMALLEST shoe that you can possibly get in America. I think it’s a Capezio. Even then, it was too big for my dancing carpal bones. When starting pointe, dancers usually use some padding but I had to use both the cotton toe pads (like a fluffy end of a sock) plus handfuls of a product called Lambswool.

Imagine a giant extra soft, stringy cotton ball and that’s kind of what lamswool looks like.You grab a bit from the collective wad and then form a little nest for your toes to rest in (before you stand on them).

I never liked lambswool; it was messy and gets stinky when sweaty and I don’t think you can wash it. These amazing products by artist Claire-Anne O’Brien are a much better use of lambswool. I would rest my toesies on any of these.





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