Stay in Line: Master Class with Paula Weber and Art

I don’t like stripes- never been drawn to them. There is something regimented, serious, boring, and disconnected about them to me.

doodling my life away

doodling my life away

If life was a pattern, wouldn’t it be sad if we were all stripes? We’d never have a run-in with an old friend in a coffee shop, see past students enrolling in other art classes, or take a master class with a formerly unknown but fabulous teacher. I had all three of these experiences yesterday. Do I live a charmed life, or what!?

My 3rd graders from last Spring’s ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ class are too old for my ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’ class, but they signed up for ‘Broadway Bound’, a class for the upper grades. It was so nice to see them, to get a hug, and to know that they too have caught the art bug.

The company at Common Thread was privileged to take a master class with Paula Weber from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Oh my goodness, what a class. I don’t have great turn-out but I felt like Svetlana Zakharova afterwords. It was the perfect mix of challenging and inspiring, filled with information and still conducted by a warm and wise (cracking) personality. Did I mention that she is also hilarious and had better extension than anyone in the room? I want to be her. If you ever have the opportunity to take her class, definitely do so!

Paula teaching for our Winter Workshop- photo by Jennifer Medina, Common Thread Artistic Director

Paula teaching for our Winter Workshop- photo by Jennifer Medina, Common Thread Artistic Director

Anyways, if I was a stripe I would have missed out on all of these connections. Then I found this etsy shop and these amazing (and cheap!) prints of stripey things that offer a little between the lines. Isn’t that life anyways? We all have rules to follow but some of us manage to bend them, add color to them, and break them out of the box.This January and this year, I am trying to focus on reorganization and also a little rebellious reinvention and these just capture the spirit so perfectly.

btl rainbow zebra

btl1between tl- barcode zebra


It’s funny, as a dancer, I think that I am most often complimented on my line. You’d think therefore, that I have a better appreciation for the clean aesthetic of stripes. But I think that the line of a dancer is the connection of one limb to the next to the energy that extends beyond our fingertips, past even our line of sight. Line in dance to me isn’t a straight shape, it’s an energy; an energy that connects to the music, to the audience, stretching beyond the limitations of physical space and anatomy. A good line to me, is therefore an extension, a destination, a connection and a reaching for bigger, better things.


Hope you all enjoy, and are staying in line with your goals, pushing yourself and reaching beyond what seems like the limit of possibilities and potential. xo- Jess

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