What Should We Call Me?


Sorry just had to get that out. It’s been a wonderfully stressful week thus far. Did I mention this?

I was selected to choreograph a piece for the upcoming RAW Artist Discovery Showcase! It will be an incredible evening of Performing art, music, visual art, makeup, fashion shows, and drinks at the beautiful Paragon Theatre on February 21rst, starting at 8 pm..

Official Flyer- Can you find me?

Official flyer Can you find me?

I’m working on a two-movement piece with six wonderful dancers from Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. I’m using a strange electronic version of Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ for the opening. The idea is a play on the juxtaposition between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art– funky versions of classical music, well-trained dancers using giant pilates balls. (Here they are inflating said balls as well as my dreams..and ego. Just kidding! )


In my head, they’re either strict Victorian school marms or nuns with a touch of ‘Laurel and Hardy’ or Harpo Marx thrown in there for comedic sake. I kind of want to call it, ‘The Bouncing Nuns’. Or ‘Big Balls’. But I won’t. I’m far too serious and professional for such Tom-Foolery.

I am struggling for a title though. The naming of things is such a difficult matter. .(Bonus point to anyone who can name the musical from which I am stealing that quote)


Feel free to check out the event and if you’re in Missouri or the surrounding areas, get yourself a ticket! They are only ten bucks. They are on sale and you can get one by going to my profile and clicking ‘get ticket for this artist’. I get credit for how many people I pull in- shameless plug, I know.

This is pretty exciting for me. I haven’t choreographed any concert dance in over a year and I’m so thrilled that I was chosen. I feel as though I woke up in 2013 with a new sense of purpose and ambition and even a little confidence. I hardly recognize myself, I feel so different and generally good. I can put my finger exactly on the causes for these changes (certain people that have made a world of difference) and I know just what to call it. Now if I could just find a title for my piece, I’ll be all set.  xo- The wannabe currently known as Jess, The Bouncing Artist

4 thoughts on “What Should We Call Me?

  1. You could always pick a random pretentious word and capitalize of punctuate it in a stupid manner… that’s very trendy right now. Examples:

    On second though, you should probably just go with whatever good idea you’re sure to have soon.

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