Kids Say the Darndest Things (A follow-up)

Here was the task while taking attendance during my last K-2nd grade Fairy-tales class:

Miss Jess” When you hear your name, please raise your hand and tell me your FAVORITE place to go!”

Various answers: The Park! Disneyland! Florida! Jamaica! (lucky kid)

My favorite answer: Target!

Hahaha, simple pleasures. Anyways, as a follow-up on naughty blahblahblah yelling kid that hit me last time…..

This time, he seemed in a good mood at the start of class but that quickly went to hell when he yanked another girl’s arm and was sent to the observation deck. So he missed the dance warm-up even when I gave him an opportunity to join.The when we were reading the story, I told all of my kids to sit in a comfy spot ON THE FLOOR so that they could all see the pictures. He of course, sat in a chair, and I just had to tell the other kids to ignore others making ‘weak choices’ (pointed look at naughty kid). Then he kept scooting closer to the others and kicking them in the back. I then basically dumped him out of his illegal chair and put it away from the group and he just grabbed another and did the same thing. I don’t know what to do, I will not have violence in my class and I can’t even get him to sit in a designated ‘time-out’ zone. I asked for some advice from my trusted friends and a few suggestions were:

Send him to the office. Send a letter home to his parents. Try making him the demonstrator.

I think I will try giving him a ‘challenge’ right away and if he does it (something like, ‘who can remember the story we read last time? something easy, in other words) then praise him to the heavens and try that approach. Maybe he just needs that extra kindness. Hey, i’ve been that kid. Karma’s a …badly behaved child.

If that fails, then I think I’ll have to send him to the principal and send a letter home. I’m sad because I get such a short amount of time with this group that I don’t feel like i can really establish a relationship and trust and my rules, etc. But I won’t compromise the thirteen other kids that are in fact, absolutely wonderful…..though one of them called me fat last time. She said she was joking but I admit, it still hurt my feelings a little. Then i was told that I look like a ballerina and when I said that I am, they all seemed so dazzled. Sheesh, someone’s at the mercy of the opinion of six year olds.

Does my plan for discipline/ love sound like a good one? Hopig for your (and all elementary school kid’s) approval- Miss super-sensitive and super Jess……………I’m not fat.

One thought on “Kids Say the Darndest Things (A follow-up)

  1. Is there any way that you could talk to his classroom teacher? Are you there during the school day or after school? Maybe if the classroom teacher/principal were aware of his attitude and behavior choices in your class, they could offer suggestions or even find ways to communicate to him (and/or his parents) that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Perhaps he has hit his classroom teacher as well and all of this should be documented in a daily behavior chart (I know this is *probably* not the case, but you just never know!).

    You also have to keep the safety of the other children in mind as well. If they are involved and love being there, you’re right, it’s not fair to slow down their time and learning process with a bad apple who is craving attention (and not for his amazing double pirouettes). Let me (us/the blogging world) know how it goes!

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