Still Life with Bouncing Balls- photo shoot

“Grandmother”, cried Little Red Rubber Ball, ‘What Big Pilates Balls you have!”

The better to take pictures with, my dear.


(Sorry, I’m facing my Fairy Tales class and my favorite trouble maker tomorrow, so I have The Brothers Grimm on the brain. And the Grim Reaper, should little bad kid act out again. Just kidding)

We had a little photo shoot today after rehearsal for my RAW Showcase piece. Get your $10 ticket by clicking the link! I’ll be making some posters and flyers with some of the pictures. I give you the gorgeous and wonderful Hannah, Ellen, and Hope. I really want them to name their respective balls. If it were me, I’d call mine Lucille. Lucille Pilates Ball.

If you’re in St. Louis, keep your eye out for local coffee shop bulletin boards hosting these images! I’ll also share one here with all the details as soon as it’s printed. Which image do you like best?


And I think it’s gonna be all right Yeah, the worst is over Now the morning sun is shining Like a red rubber ball
It’s bouncing and it’s shining Like a red rubber ball
See you soon (in the studio, at the show!)- Jess

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