Product Review: Lush Foot lotion

 We all know that I’ve had my fair share of foot trauma from my life as a dancer/ dancer with diabetes/ walking toe-nail demon. I have never had a pedicure and would  never get one. I just can’t subject any living creature to the horror of rubbing my feet. Besides myself, I mean.

Luckily, the nice folks at Lush sent me this little sample of their foot cream. It is ideal for athletes and the scent-conscious pamperer. Medicine is very rarely luxurious stuff. I think most foot stuff falls in one of two camps- nice to use/ good to use. This stuff satisfies both. IMG_8447 IMG_8461 IMG_8462


  • Trade fair: The name comes from the masses of softening organic Fair Trade cocoa butter that goes into every pot.
  • Double-mint: Two cooling mint oils help to refresh tired feet that haven’t been able to rest.
  • Herbal does it: Arnica infusion helps to relieve discomfort and aches.(also helps swelling- aka the feeling after you take off pointe shoes)

About a month ago, I did a performance on a wooden floor. We were barefoot but I was slipping as if it were covered in butter. as humans, we are supposed to have the most sweat glands in our feet but I swear I don’t have a single one. My feet are dry like a Panera croissant that’s been left in the display case for three days…so like all Panera bakery items then.(Dry!) I ended up slathering the bottom of my feet in a scar ointment that I was initially intending to cover my bruised knees with in our bare legged costumes. I’m trying to take better care of my feet and moisturize those suckers should I ever again find myself facing down a non-stick marley floor. Using this lotion is a good place to start.

it’s light and not too thick, not too oily as a lot of creams can be. The scent isn’t overpowering nor is it medicinal. It smells pleasant and fresh and made my skin feel softened without making it sticky or greasy. That’s what I call happy feet!


If you don’t have a lush store nearby or want to read more about it/ order it online click here

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