In Good (cartoon) Company

Let me tell you about one of my favorite constant companions. No, I’m not talking about my blood sugar meter or my tendonitis…..again.

I’m talking about my sketch book- I adore dragging it around with me and if I have a moment in the day, stopping to ‘people-watch’ or just notice something interesting or beautiful and try to put it on the page, even if that something is merely imagined in the deep cavern that is my lack-of-brain.

IMG_8480 IMG_8484

And of course, my most favorite offensive thing to draw is little caricatures of dancers. I started doing this in college and drew quite accurate doodles of my -senior class- appropriate stink lines and terrible turn-out or amazing flexibility-coupled-with-a-sourpuss face (Emily!)- and all. Then I drew all of my college professors…faces on animal bodies. Then I gave these doodles at the end of the year to a dear teacher….that I turned into a sloth.


This year, I bring you the company members of Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. I did not include trainees or apprentices….but I did include our mascot and Artistic Director’s dog, Toby. Priorities.

IMG_8467 IMG_8469 IMG_8470

Here they are with their own constant companions and identifiable characteristics. Mariko has the perfect turn-out, orange leotard that no one else could pull off, and pendant necklace, Kristen is the hot yogi with a softball and a nose piercing. Tara has the cool eleve leotard, the feet, and Estevan who has a paper airplane. Mary has a bandana, a cup of coffee (sorry that it looks vaguely like a beer stein), and is mid- beautiful petit allegro. Pam has the calf warmers, is stretching her achilles, and has the most beautiful back and arms (sorry, I messed up your head shape and therefore face- I was trying to show off your aforementioned characteristics). Hannah has the awesome Yumiko leotard and the big sweet smile. I am on the end with (there it is) the blood sugar meter, the sparkly shorts, and the bumblebee leg warmers.

We are such different creatures; in costume, in character, in body type, and I bet no one else wastes time quite like I do. But I adore these women and everything they bring to the party. I’m so happy to be a part of this tribe, in doodles and dreams, on the page and most especially, on the stage.

IMG_8483 IMG_8482

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