Dining Out for Life: Effort for Aids

Don’t forget St. Louis- TOMORROW (Thursday April 25th) is the day to grab breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner, or your daily cup (cupsssss) of coffee out! Why?

dine out

Because at least 25% of your bill will go towards education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and comprehensive support services for those affected by the disease. Here is a list of 2013 St. Louis Effort for Aids participating restaurants: No, the Kingdom of the Sweets from Nutcracker Act 2 isn’t on there. It isnt the “effort for Diabetes night” after all! Way to go to Atomic Cowboy on Manchester for donating 100%- and it just so happens to be Swing Dancing Night at 7 pm.

This is as literal as ‘ Help others by Helping yourself’ is ever going to get! If there is a place, a night, an experience that can combine music and dance, food, and a hand towards humanity, well….can I have two helpings?

Spread the word! Like butter on gluten-free bread. Let’s take the opportunities to seriously help our community- and to even it out, to not-so-seriously laugh at ourselves like these Dove Campaign Parody guys ( a follow-up from the last post). The chances for both probably come and go more often than you or I realize. Consider this your internet bread basket; please help yourself to a slice.

Or be a grump and stay in! If you do, I hope you have a good mug for your coffee like this one sent to me from my dear friend Kimberly after my celiac diagnosis! Thank you Kim!

I have not yet named grumpy cat..suggestions welcome

I have not yet named grumpy cat..suggestions welcome

Pictures from last weekend’s show coming tomorrow. xo- Jess

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