The Sun King

King Louis the 14th- famous King of France and real Queen on the stage. (It’s true, at this point, women rarely took the stage so it fell to the guys to portray the ladies as well)- also known as

The Sun King, Le Roi Soleil

Do you know how he came about this famous epitaph? I’ll tell you!

The title comes from the Ballet de la Nuit in which he danced the role of the sun. The year was 1653, and a fifteen year old Louie appeared with the symbol of the sun on his chest and rays on his head, neck, shoulders, wrists, knees, and shoes. In the ballet, the sun conquers night.¬†Funny how ol’ king cole Louis identified so much with his dancing self that it became the symbol of his empire.

The Sun Dude

The Sun Dude

The only logical conclusion is that dancing is the light, defeating all darkness.

Bodies Never Lie- one year ago, hiding in an invisibility tutu

Enjoy the start of the weekend my dear fellow sunny people! xo-jess

Design by Daniel Rabel for 'Danceurs de Sarabande'

Design by Daniel Rabel¬†for ‘Danceurs de Sarabande’

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