Summer Serenade

I’ve been on vacation…from writing.

Mostly, since returning from New York I’ve been busy with teaching, a little choreography, and  creating and selling (yes! selling!) some artwork- mostly fashion illustration/ watercolors.

So here’s a new one that I did today- I call it ‘Summer Serenade’– please note the classic opening pose from the FIRST ballet created by George Balanchine for New York City Ballet (well, with feet in 1rst rather than parallel).

The classic costume shape remains, but I’ve infused her with all things summer: water and fish and sailboats and watermelon and picnics and ballgames and weddings and fireworks and teaching kids and gardens and music concerts and travel and or vacation. (I think she’s in Hawaii)


I intend to share a new piece each week. I have a terrible camera and terrible lighting so you can’t quite see the level of detail. These are all authentically hand-painted and not created through photoshop or any version of digital illustrator. If you are interested in purchasing/framing just send me an email!

Here’s a video of the lovely Ashley Bouder from NYCB talking about Serenade.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Block out the rays..but let in the light! xo-jess

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