Innsbrook Resort Ballerina- Costume Design

This past weekend, I visited Innsbrook for a little woodsy, beachside getaway.

I'm on a boat!

I’m on a boat!

IMG_8809 IMG_8839 Near the stables, Innsbrook sometimes puts up a giant projector for movies or assembles a stage for music concerts on a large open pasture. This past Saturday, the stage was set for Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers, a swing/jazz/blues group that I first saw about a year ago on the Blues Cruise down the Mississippi River. They are fantastic.

After a long day of laying on the beach (how rough!) I figured we would be in more of a ‘sit-down and listen’ kind of mood rather than a ‘get-up and swing on the field’ kind of vibe. Here’s a lesson I should always remember while packing or picking out an outfit: always dress to dance.

My first encounter with Miss Jubilee and yet another bad outfit decision here: Don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that technique

I instead wore a long silk maxi dress that doesn’t allow for a whole lot of leg kicking but does enforce a lot of tripping on the long hem whilst attempting to cut a rug. Also, the ground was a little muddy, grassy, and hey, it’s a field for horses and cows. There may well have been other brown mushy substances besides mud under foot. So it was not a good idea to wear sandals with those little nubbin heels that basically sink in the mush and puncture little holes wherever you step.


Since I was A) in the woods B) at the lake C) at a stable- I designed my perfect ‘what I should have worn for a dance and beachy event’ outfit. I was inspired by the ABT costume for Titania, Queen of the fairies from ‘The Dream’ (it is the woods after all), the classic Odette tutu (for lakeside wear) and the Cowgirl from Agnes DeMille’s ‘Rodeo’.

Jess Ruhlin ballet sketch

Bodies Never Lie Jess Ruhlin Bodies Never Lie Jess Ruhlin Dance History Bodies Never Lie Jess Ruhlin

Innsbrook girl is wearing a floaty, summery trapeze dress, sturdy flat ankle boots, a jean jacket (for those chilly woodland nights) a turban style headband for holding hair back at the lake, retro-sunglasses, delicate bracelets, and a hefty layer of sunscreen.

Costume sketch Bodies Never Lie Jess Ruhlin

Keep your dancin’ shoes close at hand! (or at foot…)xo- imaginary well-dressed jess


4 thoughts on “Innsbrook Resort Ballerina- Costume Design

  1. I have happy memories of being with you and your family at Innsbruck. Nice to see that the tradition continues!

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