Mock Review: Pink Floyd Pole Dancers

Please enjoy this mock review of the popular group ‘El Monstero’ A St. Louis-based Pink Floyd Tribute band, and their collaborating performers. disclaimer- This is not a jab at dancers of a different variety than my own specialty, more an idea of how funny it would be to have someone not familiar with pole-dancing (like me) trying to review it.

Pink Floyd Performers Review- by Marilyn Hagerty

"I've gone viral? That doesn't sound good! Is it like a cold?"

“I’ve gone viral? That doesn’t sound good! Is it like a cold?”

After my very popular review of the new Olive Garden in North Dakota, I’ve been asked to lend my tasteful buds to everything from art to music to dance. Last weekend, I grabbed my favorite pink crocheted picnic blanket and joined thousands of others lawnside to enjoy the sights and sounds of El Monstero; a Pink Floyd Tribute band at the Verizon amphitheater. I hear that they had a Pink Floyd ballerina last time.

I must admit that I don’t really know what a pink floyd is. Is that akin to a green floyd? What exactly is a floyd? When were these floyds invented? Was it sometime during the Reagan administration?

First, I must say,  I appreciate how St. Louis staffs their events with many security guards. It makes an old 85-year-old lady feel quite safe.

el mons

The start of the show was rather interrupted by a helicopter flying quite close overhead. This seemed to really excite the crowd. My guess is that the pilot was out to end some of the crime that makes St. Louis so notorious. Things can get extremely rowdy at my local bridge game and it’s always nice to have an authority step in. How nice that St. Louis, with their uproarious cheers,  is so supportive of their badge-wearing officials and governing rule-makers.

I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek approach of lyrics from the Pink-hued Floyds, though they didn’t seem to follow appropriate dress-code by wearing their signature color. While singing, ‘we don’t need no education’, the musicians were clearly highlighting the deep-need for English grammar and how foolish one sounds in the replacement of ‘an education’ with ‘no education’. This was a ‘modest proposal’, satiric in nature, and as well-crafted as any Jonathan Swift devotee could muster on a musical instrument.

Fantastic photos by Todd Owyoung from the 2012 El Monstero show. If being one year old makes them out-of-date, don't look at my cardigan collection!

Fantastic photos by Todd Owyoung from the 2012 El Monstero show. If being one year old makes them out-of-date, don’t look at my cardigan collection!

A highlight of the evening was the entrance of several ladies taking classical dance forms to an elevated level. These ballerinas quite literally turned the usually-horizontal barre for classroom exercises on its metal head, using it instead to swing and climb in rebellious, unruly fashion. This is invention and creativity at its’ best.

A pole such as this is most commonly seen in firehouses used by the fire fighters, a job usually occupied by men. How daring of these ladies to simulate the firefighter climbing and descending the pole. It takes a true visionary to transcend the social norms of the day and to stand up for women everywhere, demanding respect and equal value. I didn’t quite catch the song lyrics during this number as I was quite focused on the unspoken feminist message clearly demonstrated by these brave young ladies.

el mons1 elmons todd owyoung

Perhaps the Emvolution of female empowerment as creative thinkers in a non-objective fashion is at hand, or perhaps in this case, at pole.


Join me next week when I review the new Yankee Candle scent; Vanilla!

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