Dancing for School Supplies

Just when you think someone can’t be more inspiring/ inspired, they go and organize something like this:


You may have heard me mention fellow-teacher Anthony Redd Williams on this site before; if not, he is a gorgeous, fantastic hip-hop dancer. I first encountered Redd when I showed up for his cardio hip-hop class (insert laughter here) and have ever since, been a big fan of his choreography and incredible talent as  a teacher. He has danced for some of the biggest names out there, Beyonce for one (jealousssss) and had an ‘MTV Made’ special dedicated to his story. He also wisely chose not to cast me as a flying monkey in HipHoz, despite my great effort.  In other words, pretty big deal within the dance community.


Sunday August 11th, Redd is hosting hip hop classes at the Pinx Academy of Dance for dancers age 5 and up. And what is he charging? You might think that someone of his stature and acclaim would charge big huge bucks and he’s asking for…..some new colored pencils for doodles. Sounds special!

It is pretty special- the workshop is intended to collect new school supplies for kids in need. You don’t have to reserve a spot, you don’t even have to dance if you don’t want to -but I bet you secretly want to! I love this idea. Dare I say, it’s the brightest crayon in the box?

IMG_5807 IMG_5606 IMG_8579 tumblr_mbrsc2reqG1qaze7ro1_500

Lend a Helping Hand! (beautiful photo by Manny Rotenburg, stolent from Dance to the Piper blogspot)

Lend a Helping Hand! (beautiful photo by Manny Rotenburg, stolen from Dance to the Piper blogspot)

(Dance to the Piper is the blog of San Diego Ballet’s Artistic Director, Javier Chula VIsta)

Let’s all share the love- of education, art, the community- and perhaps a big chuckle at my hip-hopping expense. You’re welcome.

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