Breaking Pointe Season 2

Does it ever seem, to anyone, that everyone around you is constantly doing something AMAZING!? Every time I get on facebook I feel bombarded with everyone’s Vacation Pictures! New Job Status! I just bought a house! I’m making a difference! I’m successful!

I would take these over those ridiculous, needless mundane updates- I just read one, a long one- about spilling a can of sardines on one’s pants. The phrase ‘sardine dick’ was used. Why am I friends with this person?

And this wobbling balance between the interesting and fabulous to mundane and stupid brings me to today’s topic- reality TV in the land of Ballet!

im not sorry

Please tell me that you also are watching ‘Breaking Pointe’ on the CW- the show that pushes past the curtain to reveal the TRUE life of ballet dancers, specifically those of Ballet West, a beautiful company in Utah.If not, go watch it now and come back. I am filled with opinions and spoilers. I had forgotten about this show- when things like Walking Dead and PRoject Runway are filling my tv time- but the moment my dear coworker Hannah started talking about, I had to jump back in. And now I’m stuck there. Please join me in blaming her.

Season 2- of course there are new characters. Thus far, I like Josh the most of the newbies. Ian, ehhhh- I’m on the fence but he’s at least respectable. Silver makes dancers look like drunken floozies (finger pointed right at ‘er) and I’d probably like her if she weren’t saying, ‘we need to let loose, woo-hooo!‘ in that annoying voice all of the time. Chase is non-existant in both the studio and in terms of a personality. He’s just a point of ignition for back-stabbing and name-calling between Beckanne and Zach.

Josh Whitehead

Josh Whitehead

Beckanne Sisk

Beckanne Sisk

Oh Zach- I could write a long rant on you, my pretty. I don’t like him. I don’t like his weird little teeth or his pot-stirring. I don’t like his voice or his ideas or his general being. That said, he does look like a good dancer. There’s a moment in the second episode where you see him doing grand battement at the barre where he looks pretty flexible and during balance in the center the articulation of his legs and feet seems to be pretty nice. I am shocked that he was given the role he was given for Cinderella. Is it REALLY that crucial that Napoleon be so short? I think Chris Rudd would have been great, but I also don’t see him as a Prince anyways. Maybe he’s better from a distance, and not in a close-up on television. I would actually say that Zach looks like a better classical dancer that Josh, but Josh has much more versatility. I could imagine him in Demille choreography or Ulysses Dove whereas Zach, the buck stops somewhere around Balanchine. He does not look capable of portraying anything masculine, strong, or modern onstage.

So who will get that possible contract at the end of the season- Ian or Zach? Ian doesn’t look like a great dancer to me, but he is working hard and fits the bill physically. Cheekbones for dayzzz people! I wonder if it makes a difference to the director, Adam, that Zach is -for whatever reason, liked within the company where you don’t see Ian interacting much.

Ronnie is boring this year. Ugh…my foot, my foot, blah blah….He’s one of those outgoing personalities that seems to light up and energize around others and I bet the cavern of his mind, when alone is akin to the sound of a busy bee hive..bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I prefer him much more when he’s in the studio, we get to see snippets of his dancing and listen to his enlightened thoughts on ballet, “chicks in leotards, yeahhh bro!’

Mr. Adam Sklute

Mr. Adam Sklute

Agh! Too close Chris Rudd! (jk)

Agh! Too close Chris Rudd! (jk)

Ronnie 'my foot hurts' Underwood

Ronnie ‘my foot hurts’ Underwood

Adam is probably my favorite character because number one- he’s articulate and knowledgable and very smart about his company. I completely understand the ‘race card’ he pullled with not putting Josh, the only african american male, in the buffoon role. I would love to be Adam’s assistant for a day; we can sit and gossip about how much we both love Beckanne.


Or should I say Beckyanne …Miss Wendy Ellis Somes’ pronunciation of her name was perhaps one of my favorite moments from episode 2. I really felt for her, her over-the-top worries that Miss Wendy dislikes her on a personal level, and how invisible she feels while in rehearsal. I remember feeling truly invisible during the first show at Louisville Ballet, going backstage to collect my maid costume for the Great Gatsby which was labelled,’ Jessica Rhulin’ and just that small typo felt so crushing in a ‘no one cares!’ kind of way. When you’re already feeling insecure, the littlest things can seem so personal and heart-breaking.

I was surprised that Alison wasn’t even in the running for Cinderella- I wonder if the downplaying of her casting from better roles last season has anything to do with the fact that she doesn’t have much of a fan following from the show. Pretty much everyone found her relationship with Flex-foot Rex pretty tiresome. Including them. I personally was pulling for Sayaka Ohtaki for the title role- you barely ever see her, but I think she’s stunning.

I hate Alison- my girlfriend

I hate Alison- my girlfriend

I HATE Rex- my boyfriend

I HATE Rex- my boyfriend


Did you know that it is Ballet West’s 50th Anniversary? So, in ballet dancer years, they should have retired….about twenty years ago. Here is what they are up to this season off the television and on the stage :(I love how he says BECOME a season….subscriber! he’s so persuasive!)

Such a beautiful company, and such fascinating creatures!  I might even write a facebook status about it…Jessica is glued to the screen, watching reality television, breathing and occasionally blinking. Aren’t dancers’ lives AMAZING! I’m glad that you agree.




2 thoughts on “Breaking Pointe Season 2

  1. I am trying to be hooked on this show, but where is the DANCING? Whye the BORING EDITING for an art that is so visual? Maybe a combined total of four on pointe minutes last night – instead all talking heads, blah blah saying the same things they say every week in the same outfit/lighting (obviously all taped at the end of the filming period and then inserted where dancing should be – see it once – got it! Does the editor think that by going to commercial we will forget that so and so has a foot problem two minutes later and needs to repeat the clip? THE MOST BORING EDITING EVER.

    • Hi Michael, do you mean Rex’s…was it a foot problem? haha, I agree,they do tend to harp onthe same issues over and over. My guess is that the editors expect little of our attention span and comprehension of dance/ the lives of dancers so to drill home certain key elements that they feel are interesting, they emphasize those talking head moments. Or perhaps, Rex has nothing to talk about except his busted foot. One can only guess!

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