Breaking Pointe/ News

Here is something that I have never said:

Jessica is thrilled to be returning for a second year with the company.

Key word here being, ‘returning’. Whether that be because the company just flat-out folded, I moved, found a different opportunity with the hopes of being paid, or just needed to stop dancing in general for a bit, I have never felt like I found the right place.

So the breaking news is...drumroll….I am making the old new- and for the first time, returning for a second season. I am so happy to be a part of Common Thread Dance Company. It ticks all of the boxes with what I feel I need out of a company, or as I call them, my ‘breaking points’.

 I think in a dance career, you have to know what YOU need to be happy. I have been through some major ups and downs in my career but every opportunity has taught me a lot about what I can and cannot do, what is satisfying, worth the time and effort, and what will keep me coming back (for more than one season, hooray!)

The biggest point(e)s for me are the environment in the day-in day-out and I care very much about doing quality work that is meaningful for the community and for my personal, artistic growth. I want a family feel amongst true professionals, and to be able to look back on the work with pride and look forward to dragging my butt out of bed to continue in the future.

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Whew…enough with the personal waffling, right! On to television! Let’s take a vote….last Monday’s episode of Breaking Pointe was:

a) I didn’t watch it  b) Boring  c) Boring  d) Boring

Why so much relationship drama? Alison’s relationship with the out-of-town doctor man…She needs to pick one amount of time that they’ve been ‘trying to make it work’ and stick to that. I think within the one episode I heard, “we’ve been apart for ten years” and then “We’ve been apart for six years”- and I guess she was ‘trying to make it work’ the entire time that she was in a hell-ationship with Rex. Rude. I do think it’s interesting to examine the aspect of sacrifice for dance opportunities. She cannot just move to any other city and get a job with a company the likes of Ballet West- a beautiful, well-managed professional company. And now she’s getting promoted…it would be hard to walk away. I do think it’s a little shady that she didn’t mention her dilemma at all to Adam, who is more and more, my favorite person occupying screen time.

Hooray for Ronnie getting back into the gym. I worry for the camera crew, I’m guessing someone very short is doing the filming because they seem to be focusing the lens around his abdominal area and not on his face…so the cameraman is either a dwarf or a genius. Or both.

I did not enjoy their interaction with the strippers at Huka. Mostly I did not enjoy that one claimed, ‘Oh I used to dance at Ballet West’. Correction, booty-shaker, you used to take lessons at the Ballet West Academy, which correct me if I’m wrong, anyone can join. I bet they’re all really proud of how those lessons were put to use. Did Adam teach you those moves?

The most entertaining part of the episode, the part that got my blood boiling, is the competition between Ian and Zack. It is a pet-peeve of mine when people only work hard when they think someone is looking or right before casting and then go back to being unprofessional, lazy, and disrespectful once they get just what they want (undeserved). I’m not saying that Zach is untalented but that kind of behavior is toxic and breeds negativity and unease within the other dancers. It also makes for good television. Josh said it best, ‘you just have to hope that Adam sees that.”- and us too, until the day that someone puts him in his place and man, I hope there is camera crew around that day.

Christiana and Chris- was there ever a worse pairing of names for a couple? First of all, why can’t they partner together? Maybe because they’re married? Or is it the height difference? Maybe being so tall and lofty is also why Christiana won’t even speak to him at work.When will people learn- you do not solve communication issues by deciding to not communicate. When poor Chris was just trying to say, nice job in the variation‘ or ‘did you get my text?‘ and she pretended not to hear him…I mean, come on! The silent treatment is the most immature way to respond and I don’t blame him at all if he says, ooook I will stop trying and when you’re ready to be an adult you can use the powers of speech you developed around age two. It’s interesting that she’ll tell the cameras that she’s lonely and feels pushed aside but when he tries to reach out she insists on excluding herself. I would like to know more of their back story, how they got together, if they were hired as a couple. That happens sometimes in ballet companies and I always think it’s interesting, especially if one half of the couple isn’t so talented. The many facets of ballet politics, eh?

I want more Liz. She is gorgeous. I also liked the little snippet of Beckanne and Alison working out together because I like seeing what those dancers do and I enjoyed hearing them talk about the work. I would rather have more of that and less of the outside personal drama. It’s becoming a soap opera in leotards and I’d rather it be really about what goes on inside the studio.  

We were talking at Common Thread the other day about which character we are most like: Hannah is Beckanne because she’s young, sweet, super-talented, and I loooove her. Mary could be Liz. So could Kristen or any gorgeous and talented ladies. Tara could be Chris because she has a lot of responsibilities and has a child to deal with. Jen is obviously cut from the same cloth as Adam. They do not seem to have a kooky yet divine person like Mariko. I’m a less well-chiseled version of the ever-perverted Ronnie. Poor Kristen is probably ready to file a harassment suit against me. What can I say, I appreciate beauty.


The other day in class, Jen said, “A life in dance is not an easy journey. But it is a glorious one”. I can only say how happy I am to feel as if I’ve arrived at a true destination. To any other dancers out there that haven’t quite found their fit, I would just say keep your eyes and heart open, take classes, meet people, read up on companies, see shows, and figure out your breaking points. Do your research and don’t be disheartened. Hardly anyone finds a perfect fit with the first try. For me, it has been such a journey to find a dance home and now that I’m there, it certainly is glorious.

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