Isn’t it Romantic?

Here’s something that you may or may not know about me: I hate almost all romantic comedies. Offensive qualities include: cheesy dialogue, forced wackiness, Cameron Diaz. Call me a black-humorist or a realist or something less-nice but I feel a strong call for an eye-roll when everything works out just right at the last second.

As it turns out, this distaste is limited to film and not applicable to real life where it seems that I (like every Ryan Gooseling* fan) go a little weak at the knees for the fairy tale ending…or should I say, Swan Queen ending.

*Deliberate typo

erica erica2 erica3 erica 1

Have you heard the story?

Louisville Ballet opened their 2013-2014 season with Swan Lake at the beautiful Kentucky Center last weekend. Dancing the lead role of Odette/Odile was the ever-stunning Erica De La O with her real-life boyfriend of nine years, the fantastic Kristopher Wojitera as Prince Siegfried. Closing night, after the full company had taken the last bow onstage in front of a packed audience, Kris proposed. And Erica said yes. Can you just imagine? It’s just like ‘The Notebook’, if “the Notebook’ was actually good.

What a way to start the season! Congratulations to the Louisville Ballet Company and to Erica and Kris. May you continue to create fantastic art on the stage and many romantic moments together.

erica and kris 1

More about Kristopher and more comedic Louisville Ballet Swan Lake

(You know, if Erica keeps her last name and takes Kris’, her name will be Erica De la O Wojitera. That’s a little hard to say, and if you try it fast, a little funny. I guess some romantic comedies are ok). xo-jess

erica and kris

PS- I stole these photos from facebook friends. Professional stage photography by David Toczko of Lone Dakota Photography

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