Have Lunch With Me?

Consider this invitation the ‘Have a Good Day!‘note in your lunchbox from your Mom. promo

This afternoon, Common Thread and MADCO will give a preview of our  worksfor the upcoming New Dance Horizons Showcase. I can’t wait to dance and of course, to see the wonderful artists of MADCO do what they do…which is  apretty broad range so only time will tell.THey have/had the huge honor of working with the world-famous group Pilobolus and restaging a piece of theirs, one that I’m not familiar with so I can’t give any secrets away.

We worked with the incredible Uri Sands of TU Dance in MInnesota and the piece is inspired by the life of Henrietta Lacks, better known to labs and scientists all over the world as ‘HeLa’. The movement is..well, I’ll be writing more about that in a separate post.

IF you’re still hungry for dance around lunch time tomorrow, come to the Loop and see me dance again! It is the second and last performance of the annual ‘Dine on Dance’ series presented by Dawn Karlovsky. I’m in a piece with the lovely Hannahbeth Fischer of LEverage Dance Theater. Our first performance, it rained. No, it poured. Did I mention that it was outside? Our musicians left ten seconds into the piece and I don’t blame them. It will be nice to dance it again, dry and without mascara running down my face like a sad clown.


A little dance is the perfect side dish to any lunch….oh, who are we kidding, dance is the main coourse! xoxo- hungry healthy jess

*first image stolen from the MADCO mailing list. Oh yes, I’m top of that list!

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