Share the Mattress- Keigwin and Company

I have always loved the tech week before a big performance. New Dance Horizons is upon us and I’m dancing a new piece by Uri Sands of Tu Dance with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company. During tech week, there exists the added thrill of costumes, lighting, spacing rehearsals- seeing those empty chairs and wondering who will fill them- and the long hours in the theater. (We all know that I want to live in the bowels of a theater) But, I’m saying this now and the week isn’t even half over. Let’s see how my energy and enthusiasm hold out.

Grumpy Jess is NOT excited (Butler University, 2006)

Grumpy Jess is NOT excited (Butler University, 2006)

If exuberance withers in the face of hard work, maybe I can just stay in bed and create dance there. No one has done that, right?

Oh darn, someone beat me to it.

I am lusting to be back in New York City later this month. If I were one of you millions upon millions of lucky ducks living in the big apple, you can bet I would be going to this:

KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s 10th Anniversary season runs October 29-November 3, 2013 at New York City’s Joyce Theater.

The show will feature the company’s first smash hit from 2003, ‘Mattress Suite’. Keigwin created “Mattress Suite” after watching dancer Nicole Wolcott jump around playfully on her bed.  The pair dragged the mattress onto the floor, developed choreography inspired by Wolcott’s moves and created a narrative that became a full-fledged work set to popular songs and classical music.

Ten #SharetheMattress videos were created in collaboration with diverse artists such as Project Runway’s darling- fashion designer Austin Scarlett and indie music sensation Tobey Lightman.Ryan Steele is also included. I know I’m not the only one waiting for that to leak. All videos are available on the Keigwin and Company website, as are tickets to their anniversary performances.

beautiful photos by Whitney Browne

130904_MattressKCOPromo_COMPANY_WhitneyBrowne-4003 matt 130831_Austin_Scarlett_KCO_MattressPromo_WhitneyBrowne-2994 130904_MattressKCOPromo_Toby_Lightman_WhitneyBrowne-4515 130904_MattressKCOPromo_COMPANY_WhitneyBrowne-4060 brandon 130906_Larry_Nicole_Laurel_MATTRESSPROMO_WhitneyBrowne-5587

Congratulations to an innovative and excellent company! (And thanks to Emily for the information) If someone wanted to get me a plane ticket, I would get out of bed for that.


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